Minsk Tractor Works OJSC

The competitiveness of the products of Minsk Tractor Works OJSC has been tested by life itself. Farmers of all countries trust BELARUS tractors due to the proven reliability in operation, ease of operation, availability in maintenance and reasonable prices. Today the plant offers more than 100 tractor models in more than 200 assembly options for all types of climatic and operating conditions. Modern models have the ability to aggregate with agricultural machinery from various manufacturers. All equipment received international certificates confirming their compliance with European Union standards. Minsk Tractor Works OJSC develops, manufactures and exports wheeled tractors and spare parts for them, organizes their production abroad on a licensed basis, renders services for the establishment and maintenance of supplied machines, conducts training in the operation and maintenance of manufactured equipment. The company Smolselmash LLC is the official dealer of Minsk Tractor Works OJSC, sells the company's products, and also provides warranty and maintenance services.