Potato digger KFT-2

    Product description

    The potato digger is designed for mechanized digging of potatoes, separating tubers from the ground and laying them on the surface for further manual collection on small plots of land. The potato digger is suitable for use on light soils. A ridge pattern for planting potatoes with a row spacing of 700 mm is recommended.
    The KFT2 potato digger is aggregated with the Belarus-09N walk-behind tractor.
    The KFT2 potato digger is aggregated with the Belarus-132N mini-tractor and the BELARUS-152 small-sized tractor (hereinafter referred to as the mini-tractor). When coupled with a mini-tractor, the FR-00710-B drive is installed (by special order for an additional fee).

    Manufacturer: Kartofelekopalka

    Product categories: Agricultural machinery, Retail products

    44 000₽


    • Type: hinged
    • Weight, kg: 50±5
    • Working width, mm, no more: 360
    • Working width, mm, no more: 200
    • Productivity, m²/h: 900 - 1500
    • Resource, h, not less: 800

    Operating speed, km/h, no more:

    • with walk-behind tractor: 3
    • with mini tractor: 5

    Overall dimensions, mm, no more:

    • length: 940
    • width: 730
    • height: 670