Motoblock Belarus-012WM with 13 hp Weima engine.

    Model description

    Motoblock with a 13 horsepower Weima engine.
    Correct agricultural techniques will increase the efficiency of your work on the site by 5 times. It is high time to forget about a shovel, a rake and a ripped off back. Indeed, these outdated methods have been replaced by an excellent domestic-made walk-behind tractor - Belarus-012WM with a Weima engine.
    Why is he so good? The thing is that the walk-behind tractor is versatile and capable of performing a huge number of tasks. The range of its application only expands when you aggregate attachments to it.
    Let's take a closer look at the design of the walk-behind tractor. It is a two-wheel chassis, reversible steering bar and power train. The four-stroke engine is fixed to the clutch. The clutch itself, together with the gearbox, gear differential and PTO, constitutes the power transmission mechanism of the walk-behind tractor.

    Product categories: Agricultural machinery, Retail products, Stock

    140 000₽


    • Type:: Petrol
    • Drive unit:: gear
    • Power, kWt:: 9.6
    • Power, horsepower:: 13
    • Launch system:: manual
    • Differential:: Yes
    • PTO (power take-off shaft):: Yes
    • Fuel tank volume, liters:: 6.5
    • Working volume, cm³:: 389
    • Cooling:: Air
    • Transmission:: Wet multi-plate clutch
    • Tact:: four-stroke
    • Transfers:: 4 forward, 2 reverse
    • Weight, kg:: 170

    Overall dimensions, mm:

    • length:: 1780
    • width:: 846
    • height:: 1070

    Other characteristics:

    • Carrying capacity, kg:: 650
    • Wheel size:: 6x12
    • Engine make:: Weima
    • Country engine manufacturer:: PRC
    • Lubrication system:: crankcase oil
    • Fuel consumption, g / kW * h:: 374
    • Oil volume, liters:: 1
    • Recommended analogues:: Motoblock GRASSHOPPER 188F
    • Reverse (reverse):: there is
    • Trailer mounting type:: Finger
    • Warranty:: 18 months