Tractor semi-trailer 1PS-6

Model description

Tractor semi-trailer 1 PS-6 is designed for transportation of various agricultural goods, grain, root crops, organic fertilizers, building materials and other goods, including semi-liquid, with their unloading back, on local roads of IV-VI categories and in the field (without leaving on roads I-III categories). The use of a sloped tailgate and two side hydraulic cylinders in the design of the trailer provides the ability to easily and quickly unload any cargo without damaging it when falling from the edge of the tailgate. This is achieved with the lowest possible drop height (about 20 cm).

Product categories: Agricultural machinery, Production equipment of Smolselmash LLC, Semi-trailers, Tractor semitrailers

480 000₽


  • Carrying capacity, tons: 6,0
  • Body capacity, m³: 7,0
  • Transport speed, km/h: 25
  • Body lifting angle, degrees, not less: 84
  • Tractor, class. vehicle: 1,4
  • Type of drawbar of the tractor: TSU-2 / TSU-2V

Overall dimensions and weight:

  • Length, m: 5,145
  • Width, m: 2,5
  • Height, m: 2,05
  • Weight, t: 1,775