Segment-finger mower KSP-2.1

    Model description

    The segment-tine mower is designed for use on flat terrain and is used to work with various types of seeded and natural grasses.

    По сравнению с аналогами косилка КСП-2,1 имеет более надежную раму и брус режущего аппарата, повышена работоспособность предохранительного устройства.

    This segment-tine model is driven by the tractor's power take-off shaft belonging to the traction class 0.6-1.4 (it is aggregated with the tractor by the hitching method).

    Product categories: Agricultural machinery, Mowers, Segment finger mowers, Stock

    66 000₽

    General characteristics:

    • Capture width, m: 2,1
    • Cut height, mm: 40-80
    • Drive power, kW: up to 7.5
    • Working speed, km / h: up to 12
    • Transport speed, km/h: up to 25
    • Weight, t: 0,18
    • Productivity, ha/h: 0,95-2,3
    • PTO rotation speed, rpm: 540
    • Tractor, class. vehicle: 0,6-1,4
    • Manufacturer: BobruiskAgroMash

    Overall dimensions, meters:

    • length: 2,3
    • width: 0,9
    • height: 1,2