Plain bearing BWO, BWO-F

    Product description

    Sintered bronze is produced by sintering pressed tin bronze powder. The manufacturing process includes calibration of tolerances and impregnation of bearings with oil. This method creates a self-lubricating plain bearing with good mechanical properties. BWO bearings are excellent all-purpose bearings that are well suited for high speed, low to medium load applications. Economical plain or flange bearing with long service life and multi-purpose use.

    Lubrication: BWO series bearings contain 25% oil and do not require additional lubrication. If you are machining bearings to change tolerances, they will need to be re-oiled. This can be done by placing the bearings in an oil bath (eg SAE 20), then heating it to 80°C, and then leaving them in the oil bath until they cool to room temperature.

    Drawing details and non-standard sizes can be made to order. Sintered products are also available in other materials such as oil steel, ferro bronze and MoS2 bronze.

    Manufacturer: Podshipnik

    Product categories: Plain bearings, Stock

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    • Brand: BWO, BWO-F
    • Type: sintered sliding bearing (bushing)
    • Design: cylinder, cylinder with flange (collar)
    • Material: CuSn10 (corresponds to SINT A50) / cermet
    • Country of Origin: Sweden, China